Menu for April 1st thru April April 16th

Your lunch begins with a flute of our Spiced Apple Refresher followed by an appetizer, entree with accompaniments, dessert and beverages. Our menu changes biweekly!



Gingered Carrot Soup …slow roasted carrots, “Florida Sweets” onions and freshly grated ginger, seasoned and pureed, finished with a swirl of creme fraiche.


Smoked Salmon Mousse …a chilled spread of smoked salmon scented with horseradish, served with crispy bagel rings and a sprinkle of capers.


Mushroom Strudel sliced button mushrooms sauteed with herbs and a touch of dijon, baked in delicate pastry pinwheels, served with a dollop of seasoned sour cream.



Chicken Fontina di Lucca…a boneless chicken breast topped with sauteed baby spinach, toasted pine nuts and minced garlic, baked under Fontina cheese, garnished with marinated sundried tomatoes.  Accompanied by a salad of red leaf lettuce, Mandarin oranges, rings of purple onion, English walnuts and poppyseed dressing.


Kentucky Pappardelle …ribbons of pasta with shaved Finchville Farms Kentucky country ham, steamed broccoli florets and sweet grape tomatoes tossed in a creamy Alfredo sauce with shredded Parmesan and chopped parsley.


Raisin Bran and Walnut Muffins accompany both entrees.



The Nonesuch Kiss a baked meringue shell filled with jamoca ice cream, hot fudge sauce, toasted sliced almonds, whipped cream and a cherry. Our house specialty!


 Lemon Basket …a flaky phyllo “Easter Basket” filled with tart lemon curd and fresh sliced strawberries.


Wild Berry Sorbet…light and refreshing, served with a gaufrette wafer.



Water, Iced Tea, coffee, Hazelnut coffee, decaffeinated coffee, and a variety of hot teas. 


Check out our cookbook “Lunch at the Glitz”!