Menu for May 15th thru May 28th

Your lunch begins with a flute of our Spiced Apple Refresher followed by an appetizer, entree with accompaniments, dessert and beverages. Our menu changes biweekly!



Leek and Brie Cream Soup …a puree of leeks, brie cheese, spinach and new potatoes finished with cream.  


Cheese and Chutney …a cheddar and chive cheese ball topped with our homemade Mango Chutney, served with butterfly crackers.  


Asian Satchel …a baked spring roll pouch filled with strips of pork tenderloin, celery, carrots and spice, served in a pool of orange sesame glaze.



Seafood Paella…with all of the color and spice of the Spanish classic…plump steamed shrimp and sauteed scallops tossed in saffron rice with chorizo sausage, diced tomatoes, pearl onions and English peas. Accompanied by steamed sugar snap peas drizzled with Lemon Aioli.


Chicken Divan Crepes …moist chunks of chicken breast with steamed broccoli florets baked in delicate crepes with cheddar Divan sauce.  Accompanied by a salad of red leaf lettuce, Mandarin oranges, English walnuts, rings of purple onion and our own poppyseed dresssing.  


Raisin Bran and Walnut Muffins accompany both entrees.



The Nonesuch Kiss a baked meringue shell filled with jamoca ice cream, hot fudge sauce, toasted sliced almonds, whipped cream and a cherry. Our house specialty!


Strawberry Napoleon…pillows of puff pastry layered with sliced fresh strawberries and light vanilla cream cheese mouse, served in a pool of strawberry sauce.


Wild Berry Sorbet…light and refreshing, served with a gaufrette wafer.



Water, Iced Tea, coffee, Hazelnut coffee, decaffeinated coffee, and a variety of hot teas. 


Check out our cookbook “Lunch at the Glitz”!