The Glitz serves a full service luncheon. Your lunch includes an appetizer, entree with accompaniments, dessert and beverages for a $21.50 plus tax. Menu changes biweekly.

Menu for August 21st through September 4th



Roasted Tomato Soup…slow roasted local tomatoes with onion, garlic, and carrot; pureed, seasoned and touched with sherry. Served with a cheddar wafer.


Gingered Melon Soup refreshing puree of cantaloupe laced with Australian crystallized ginger, finished with cream, and served chilled with a slice of blueberry bread.


Thai Shrimp …plump shrimp marinated in olive oil with lemon grass and basil, served on a bed of home-grown roasted spaghetti squash, drizzled with thai red curry sauce. 


Parmesan Tilapia…mild white fish dusted in Parmesan, baked and served on a bed of orzo pasta with fresh ribbons of baby spinach, julienne sun dried tomatoes, parsley and lemon zest. Accompanied by a salad of red leaf lettuce, Mandarin oranges, English walnuts, rings of purple onion and poppyseed dressing.


Chicken Kit Carsona delicate taste of the Southwest…moist shredded chicken breast blended in a mild and slightly sweet tomato and green chili sauce, wrapped in a flour tortilla, baked and topped with Monterey Jack cheese, sour cream, black olives and cilantro. Served with creamy silver queen corn pudding.



The Nonesuch Kiss a baked meringue shell filled with jamoca ice cream, hot fudge sauce, toasted sliced almonds, whipped cream and a cherry. Our house specialty!


 Grape Cobblerlocal old-fashioned Mars grapes baked in their own juices under a flakey crust topped with vanilla bean ice cream.


Wildberry Sorbetlight and refreshing, served with a gaufrette wafer.


*Many of our vegetables are grown in our own Nonesuch garden!



Water, Iced Tea, coffee, Hazelnut coffee, decaffeinated coffee, and a variety of hot teas. 


The Glitz is fully non-smoking. Gratuity of 18% is added to parties of 6 or more. 

We cannot accommodate carry out.

(Items from our menu available for purchase upstairs in the gallery…spiced apple

refresher, poppyseed dressing, mango chutney and hazelnut coffee)

Check out our cookbook “Lunch at the Glitz”!