The new cookbook. Lunch at the Glitz


Lunch at The Glitz

Now available at Irish Acres Gallery


Nonesuch, KY

(859) 873-6956 




  • #1 written by emilie mccauley
    about 3 years ago

    I have enjoyed the reports of the recipes people are trying! Happy Cooking!

  • #2 written by Matt Davidson
    about 3 years ago

    The cover of the cookbook is fantastic! I’m sure people will be thrilled to receive or give this as a Christmas gift.

  • #3 written by George Rupert
    about 3 years ago

    Emilie! Great to see the cookbook is ready. Will arrange to acquire some for Christmas gifts, hopefully personally autographed. Congrats, I know this will be a huge success!

  • #4 written by Dave Netzer
    about 3 years ago

    Emilie, this is so exciting! Congratulations on this wonderful achievement!! Can’t wait to get the book and more for Derby friends!!

    • #5 written by Abby Vaughn
      about 1 year ago

      I have been visiting The Glitz for over 20 years. A favorite place to have lunch and to shop not only personally, but for gifts. I also love telling my friends and new comers to Lexington. What a surprise when they walk through the double white doors.
      #1 Fan

  • #6 written by Tanis Westbrook
    about 3 years ago

    Emilie – your book is fabulous! I can personally attest to the fact that every recipe I’ve made from it works and all are delicious. I know it will be a great success for you. That doesn’t mean, though, that Ric and I won’t come to have lunch at The Glitz every time we are in Lexington. He had me put it on our list of “musts” when we are in the area!

  • #7 written by Phyllis Elsberry (Aunt Phil)
    about 3 years ago

    Hi Sweetie, I knew if it was on here I had to find it…Its beautiful…Can’t wait to see it.
    Love to all of you. My special nieces..We will get together soon. Aunt Phil

  • #8 written by Diane Barker
    about 3 years ago


    I’m so excited about your cookbook! I want to get one for sure! You and Jane are darlin’! I love you!


  • #9 written by Jahames Glenn
    about 3 years ago

    Well hey there Em
    What a great cookbook youve got. Keeton gave it to me for Christmas. I wont be able to recreate and cook like you, but ill have fun tryin. its about time you shared your special talents with the world !

  • #10 written by Anne Farris
    about 3 years ago

    Emilie, I was just at “The GLITZ” this fall having a WONDERFUL time eating lunch with Cary Ricketts and Ann Kegley. This was my first trip, but not my last!

    The cookbook is LOVELY….slick pages, pretty pictures, GRAND recipes and a GREAT history lesson about your family. I will certainly be ordering cookbooks for friends soon. Thanks for sharing your gifts with all of us! Anne Farris……Louisville.

  • #11 written by Hope Shaw Brovont
    about 3 years ago

    Hello friends,
    Miss my Kentucky home. I’ll call and get a cookbook or two, I know it will be special.
    Happy New Year 2012, jeesh!!

  • #12 written by emilie mccauley
    about 3 years ago

    You can do it Jahames! Glad you like it…try the Kentucky Pappardelle, know you love Kentucky Country Ham :)

  • #13 written by Tracy Snyder
    about 3 years ago

    Hi Emilie!

    The book looks fabulous! I have been meaning to be in touch since that whirlwind seminar in Nashville last May. Glad to see the beautiful fruit of your labor. Hope to touch base soon!


  • #14 written by Diane Barker
    about 3 years ago

    I LOVE this cookbook! I love the family story! I love the photos! I love the recipes!

    I feel the “pinch of love” that was added!

  • #15 written by Colleen Helgerson
    about 1 year ago

    I’ve heard about the Glitz and after checking out your site, I will be coming out for lunch. Sounds fantastic!

  • #16 written by Olena Redmon
    about 1 year ago

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my cookbook… It is very special to me. My daughters gave it to me as a gift. I know a lot of LOVE went into the making of this special cookbook. I will always cherish my dear friends at Irish Acres/The Glitz.